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 A few months ago I became aware of a country singer from way up in New England who absolutely blew me away. Mickey Lamantia is one of the most soulful singers I have heard in a long time. My daughter Melonie had met Mickey and was singing on some of his recordings. His voice brought to mine some of my country songs that had been laying around for awhile with nothing happening with them. I started sending them to Mickey and he started recording them and I liked how he sang them so well that I wanted to sing harmony with Melonie on his recordings.  I love what this guy is doing

                      -  Buddy Cannon

Honky Tonk Confessions Chapter Three

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Dustin Thompson, Bossier City, Louisiana

Sure would like to book you for a show down here.

Danny B, Edgewater Maryland

Been a huge fan for a long time!!! I will travel to see Him‼️‼️

Thomas Windham jr, Mississippi

Come to south Mississippi please sir

Jeremy Napper , College Grove Tn

Having grown up and lived my entire life in the Nashville area, I've heard all kinds of "the next Waylon, George or Johnny" Your music is legit. One can feel your stories as they were meant to be told. Stay that way and you will go far! Best of luck.

Matthew Swirple, Michigan

Love what you do! Heartfelt Country Music.!! I grew up on Cash, Jones, Waylon and Blue grass! My Dad was a WV coal miner and moved to Michigan from WV as a lot of folks did for the better jobs from coal country and Americas rust belt. You have that true country sound! Love it! I will go wherever you play! I wanna see you live! Even if you don’t come to Michigan, but I hope you do! I Love the New Outlaw Country. You, Aaron Lewis, Jamey Johnson, Creed Fisher.! BMF’s Tour! I would def be there!

Chad morehead , Arkansas

Come play a show here. I got cash!!!

Ed Mendivil, Arizona

Can’t wait to see one of your shows in person. Great music, keep it up

Phil Bigelow, Groton CT

Work night shift listen to pandora your stuff came across. Great stuff would love to see you live if you swing down this way.

Stan Koslowsky, Kansas City

Spreading your AWESOME sound around this city!! Please come here. You should record Kris Kristofferson's BORDER LORD, you would kill it. Be Well, Mickey

David Lema, Rhode Island

Mickey, Hope to see your show soon!! Keep us posted when you go out on tour.

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