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Thanks for dropping by and for all your support. Together we're bringing back real country music.


Sharon Bishop, Batavia ohio

Love your music , love wiskey Wednesday !!

Scott Oliver, RI

Great person, and great music.

Daniel Collins , St.Louis, Missouri

Can’t wait to hear the new album.

Roger, Manchester, IA.

New listener, great music!

Carter, Muhlenberg county, Kentucky

Love your style. Nothing like music about women and alcohol!

JT, Connecticut

You are killin it man!!! When you playing around New England?

Odd Arne Waardal , Norway

Love your music

KathyRoss , Mount Nebo WV

Love your music

Rachel Nicholson, Richmond, In

Amazing singer-songwriter been a fan for 3 years, so glad I found his music.

Toni tone , Smithfield

Im addicted !!

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