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 A few months ago I became aware of a country singer from way up in New England who absolutely blew me away. Mickey Lamantia is one of the most soulful singers I have heard in a long time. My daughter Melonie had met Mickey and was singing on some of his recordings. His voice brought to mine some of my country songs that had been laying around for awhile with nothing happening with them. I started sending them to Mickey and he started recording them and I liked how he sang them so well that I wanted to sing harmony with Melonie on his recordings.  I love what this guy is doing

                      -  Buddy Cannon

Honky Tonk Confessions Chapter Three

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Honky Tonk Confessions: Chapter Two Available Now!

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Richard Burkett, Sparks, NV.89441

I feel you man.

Greg , Baden, Ontario

Mickey, I’m loving the outlaw country vibe you’re playing. New country sounds so “fluffy”. Thanks for keeping it real. Canada loves outlaw country!!!

Jeff Dampac, South Carolina

Please bring your music to the Carolinas

Steve Landrum, Cincinnati Oh

Awesome..awesome..awesome, can't believe your not touring and playing 200 shows a year. Your on my bucket list to see live

Levi, Ohio

About damn time someone sings real outlaw country and not that watered down pop geared towards college girls.

Rob Blacklock, Williamston Michigan

Just heard Honkey Toni Confession on Outlaw Country (Hillbilly Jim’s Moonshine Matinee). Can’t wait to listen to more of this! Great sound.

Doug Linton, Jersey and parts east & south

Best I have heard from any genre in more than a decade...stumbled onto this music and immediately wondered what rock I had been living under. Hopefully, I have enough years left to catch up!

Elizabeth Joyner, Brownsville, Tennessee

I love it. He has the grit and deep soulful like the outlaws had when they sang. He is now one of my top 5. Melonie has been very good to my daughters at concerts and meeting people and even writing a school excuse to skip school for a concert. Well done. I’m ready for a concert close to home Nashville or Memphis. Thank you for sticking to your originality.

Steven Ed, Australia

G’Day Mate, it’s bloody awesome to hear some PURE COUNTRY MUSIC for once not the half assed pop music being made these days labelled as COUNTRY. Keep up the great work Mate and we would love to so you in Australia on day.

Tim, Bellevue, NE

Discovered you via Spotify listening to Jackson Taylor and have been hooked ever since, looking forward to the "Final Chapter" but sincerely hope that it isn't the FINAL chapter. Love your music, hope to see you live someday and shake your hand to tell you thanks personally.

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Honky Tonk Confessions: Chapter One Available Now

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