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 A few months ago I became aware of a country singer from way up in New England who absolutely blew me away. Mickey Lamantia is one of the most soulful singers I have heard in a long time. My daughter Melonie had met Mickey and was singing on some of his recordings. His voice brought to mine some of my country songs that had been laying around for awhile with nothing happening with them. I started sending them to Mickey and he started recording them and I liked how he sang them so well that I wanted to sing harmony with Melonie on his recordings.  I love what this guy is doing

                      -  Buddy Cannon

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Travis Goff, Washington state

Any tour dates through the PNW?

Brian cox, Arizona

Just want to say I really enjoy mickey lamantia s music. Show happy to have his music and along with Dallas moore . Keep it the music and keeping it real

MICHAEL COOPER, Jasper,Alabama

Your voice sounds like a few crooners that isn’t with us no more! I hope that you can make it down in the heart of Dixie!

Danny Crawford, St.Louis

Hey Mickey we'd sure love to see you come down to the heartland and do some shows near St.Louis, Mo. because you have a lot of fans down this way. We love your music and just keep on keepin' it outlaw classic country. Please don't bow out to the Nashville jackass's that forgot what real country music is. Appreciate the stuff you do,, so don't loose that.

Vic, Canada

I can't buy any of Mickey's CDs where I live or Creed fishers CDs. An I need one for my old pick up truck. Jus want to say Mickey is an amazing song writer. Man I'm thankful for finding his music. Keep rocking

Jim Magee , Granite Bay California

Mickey when you gonna get some more t shirts in brother. Would love to represent

Tom Rees, Lewisville, TX

ML- not asking for a donation but hoping you would be willing to sign up on my #carrytheload team (team TOM REES with the #NorthTexasWarriorGolfAssociation ) we are raising money for Veterans up until Memorial Day. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/RuotB66F8Nry1Faq/?mibextid=I6gGtw

Chris sanders jr, Bennington Vermont

Wish I knew you were at the six strings caught creed at Angel city the next night can’t wait to see you perform!

Bill holland, Portsmouth Ohio

I can’t wait to see this man perform in person. Absolutely amazing talent. I went and see Creed Fisher and met him, he was as down to earth as I am, just a common man and I know that Mickey is the same type of man, and we need more like this filling those shoes like George Jones sang about. Keep up the great work guys. Long live good country music.

Jason W. Ashcraft, Nashville

I recently came across one of your songs (When I Get On a Roll) and was impressed. By way of a simple search I wasn’t able to determine if you had retained anyone to coordinate your Publicity and PR efforts, so I thought I would reach out to introduce myself. I am an independent, boutique style Publicity and PR professional who specializes in music and entertainment, specifically genres like country, folk, bluegrass, Americana and other southern-based styles of music. I do keep a rather limited roster of artists, who are typically independent or on small labels. At this time I am quietly looking to add about two new artists to my roster, and wanted to let you know I am interested in speaking with you if adding Publicity & PR are short or long term goals for your music career. My website is where you may start to learn more about what I do and who I am currently working with: https://jwamedia.com/about/ For reference, I am a voting member for a few industry trade associations including CMA, ACM, TCMA and I'm a member of the CMHOF. I have worked with artists of all career levels, from rookie singers all the way up to hall of fame and household names. PR and Publicity is what I do full time, 100% as a profession and I am based just outside of Nashville. My working relationships with various media are built from my over 73K+ worldwide database of contacts in media, TV, radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs, Podcasts, Music Buyers, Publishers and more. I have been curating this database since 1998 throughout my various endeavors in the music and entertainment industry. I am happy to speak by phone or send along additional information, if requested. Thanks! Jason W. Ashcraft Publicity & PR Manager JWA Media jwa@jwamedia.com (615) 991-1125

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