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How Far Would I Fall featuring Melonie Cannon

Every Bad Habit

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Thanks for dropping by and for all your support. Together we're bringing back real country music.


Tim cancilla , Honolulu

Great new record! Just heard it today! All songs are honky Tonk gems for the jukebox. I’m a huge Hank3 fan glad you wrote and put Hank3 on the record, we miss him! Mississippi mud where are you :) all the best Tim! Play Honolulu!!

Craig Shearer, Louisville Kentucky

Keep making your music brother !

Norma Rutledge , Iuka Mississippi

Love ya Mick thank God real country music is coming back long overdue

Peewee, Gardnerville, Nevada

Swiping through IG, your voice caught my ear! I usually don't listen to country. Only a few old school country songs, I love. Your music is what I remember growing up with. Keep it coming! God Bless!

Ray Earl Rob, Baytown, TX

Man "ML" reminds me of 1978 and cruising in my 55 Apache on Saturday night listening to Waylon.

Julie Slaughter, Oakwood, Texas

Mickey is as real as it gets!! Making Country great again. One of the very few!!

Stacey , SC

ML750 is MCGA Making Country Great Again

Dave Lewin, Sydney, Australia

I can't believe it's been over a year since I got to introduce Dale Watson & The Lonestars at TW 2018. Keep up the great work ML750

Brian Hoover, Louisiana

Keep your foot on the pedal brother your going somewhere!

Keith Halsall, USA

Looking forward to How Far Will I Fall

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