Mickey Lamantia "ml750"

Mickey “ml750” Lamantia has spent the last 20 years working behind the walls in a prison. A musician all his life, he returned to writing in 2012. After recording “The Dash” in 2015 he went into the studio to record "Outlaw Life," penning four of the five songs. His second album "Every Bad Habit" was released in 2018 and his new "Honky Tonk Confessions" EP series began to release in 2020. "Honky Tonk Confessions Chapter Three " was just released in August 2020 and his final EP of the Honky Tonk Confessions Series was just recorded with long-time producer Bill McDermott and the legendary producer & songwriter Buddy Cannon. The first single from Chapter Four, "The Toast," was released Nov 6 just in time for Veterans Day.